Although we are now well into the Web 3.0 age, many companies still lack a formalised approach to social media marketing.

It wasn’t until the later part of the millennium that social media and mobile devices such as the iPhone became commonplace.

Now, in the present day, there are even more digital ways to interact with audiences as we reach the metaverse, the internet’s next generation.

More than half of B2C firms confess they do not have a documented content or social media strategy, despite the fact that approximately 60% of the world’s population is considered to be active social media users.

Draught an Overview Document

Your social media strategy should be a one-page document that clearly explains your goals and how they relate to your overall business strategy.

Identify the overarching aim, as well as the intermediate and final targets. It’s important to pick a preferred channel rather than attempting to be present on every possible network.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

To stay ahead of the competition, it’s smart to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

You should begin by analysing the social media channels of your brand in comparison to those of your top three competitors. You may even choose a brand that isn’t a direct competitor to utilise as a model for your own. You could choose to go with a company that has already begun implementing Web3 tactics.

Brands and marketers value social media mostly for its ability to expand their audiences and drive more traffic to their websites, according to the 2022 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. However, converting social media into measurable ROI like increased sales and new leads is a challenge that many businesses face.

Create Buyer Profiles

Acquaint yourself with your virtual self. Create an emotional connection with your avatars. There must be a lot more firms with established customer profiles than the 50 percent that don’t have a written social media plan.

Media, stakeholders, community administrators and moderators, podcasters, bloggers, and influencers should all be accounted for in your buyer personas.

Journalists, podcasters, Twitter Spaces moderators, and Clubhouse moderators are all potential customers. Make them become fully realised characters with rounded backstories and passions.

Set Up Methods and Equipment


Every week, promote a highlighted Facebook post to increase engagement and visibility.

Joe Youngblood recommends waiting a few days after a post has been published on Facebook to enhance it.


Keep in mind that anything you create on a social networking platform is really “rented space.”

Your social media following, content, and community are not yours to keep. Like Vine and Blab before it, it may suddenly disappear at any time.

You may convert your social media following into a personal emailing list.

Consider developing a freebie like a download, cheat sheet, guide, or course to get in front of your target market.


Search for brand names and specific keyword phrases on social media. Journalists, bloggers, and other real-time opinion leaders populate Twitter. Locate the talk and join in.


Canva is a handy software. Spark is popular with her. The Hootsuite is well-liked by them. Buffer is a great app in our opinion. The CEO’s kid is curious about your lack of a Snapchat geo filter.

It’s no fun or efficiency for your social media staff to be spread out among 50 million different tools. That’s going a bit far, but the idea is to have a set of sanctioned software and hardware.

Leave an Impression—Timelines and Dates

In the world of social media, you can never be late to the party. This requires investigating potential conference and event dates in the sector. Try researching seasonal, daily, and calendar-based connections.

The Importance of Measuring

Quantitative data reveals the “what,” whereas qualitative data typically reveals the “why.” For instance, a recent favourable feature piece about your firm that was published on Business Insider and included a link to your website resulted in a significant increase in traffic.

Sales dropped, bad media coverage was generated, and negative social media sentiment was expressed when influencers began turning on Daily Harvest, a vegan meal-delivery service that serves bowls, soups, and smoothies, with unfavourable reviews after becoming unwell.


While it’s helpful to have a written social media strategy, it’s even more crucial to maintain the strategy flexible and up-to-date.

To help you keep your business thriving, Meta provides the Meta Blueprint programme, which includes a variety of self-paced and self-guided courses, certifications, and instructional resources.