If you use social media for a specific reason, your followers will help you achieve your objectives. As an example, many bloggers increase their visibility by connecting their blog to their social media profiles. In a similar vein, many companies (including Nike, Domino’s, KFC, Vogue, and countless others) use social media to spread word about their products and services.

These sites serve as virtual meeting places for people all over the world. A person need not physically be present at the location in order to purchase a bottle of classic Italian wine or a beautiful wedding dress from a renowned NYC fashion house. Many people can now change the world thanks to the reach of their social media posts and campaigns.

If you want to achieve the same level of success, you need to build a large social media following. Yes, that’s the tough part. Building a fan base on social media requires a well-designed business profile on each network. Similarly, there are measures that can be taken to ensure that no current followers are lost.

With that in mind, today we’ll discuss methods that will help you keep your followers and interact with you effectively without resorting to coercion or making false promises.

Maintain constant communication.

Your first order of business is to pay attention to the exchanges taking place between you and your fans. Whether you’re speaking on behalf of a company or a personal cause, you should never end a conversation on a cliffhanger. For starters, show your follower that you’re interested in what they have to say by responding quickly. Second, don’t be abrupt or unfriendly. To sum up, keep in mind that you’re the one who benefits from having a larger fan base.

Maintain a regular and active presence in the social media realm.

There are many results returned by an Instagram search for “bestcakerecipe.” Now wait half an hour, and do it again. There are newer posts at the top now, replacing the older ones. According to the results of this informal poll, the social media site is not going to wait for you.  Therefore, it will be extremely difficult to maintain the interest of your audience unless you demonstrate punctuality and regularity.

Conduct surveys and polls on your behalf.

Public polls and surveys are a great way to keep your followers interested and involved. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you run a nutrition food channel and would like to conduct a social media poll. Here are some examples of how you might set up relevant questions:

  • Take a warm glass of water first thing in the morning?
  • What about Sushi? Pizza?
  • Who are you, the person who prioritises health over indulging in a secret vice?

There will be a simple yes/no choice in each survey. You can see how many people voted yes and how many voted no when the polls close. Asking your followers to pick the best answer to a survey full of questions about your brand or website is another common tactic.

Initiate broadcasting!

Going live is one of the master’s strategies for maintaining interest among your audience. Therefore, live streaming has become an effective tool for social media marketing, allowing you to increase the number of satisfied and engaged followers you have. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that your brand represents a Norwegian ski club. You can make a live video showcasing your club’s ski boards, gear, and local trails to spread the word about your new club. Making a live video while you cook at a restaurant is a great way to inform your followers not only about the dish you’re preparing, but also the recipe you’ll use.