Instagram is a fantastic tool for expanding your brand’s reach. Actively working to increase your Instagram following is something you should do whether you’re a marketer or business owner.
You need more Instagram followers to realise the platform’s full potential.

Getting more Instagram followers is harder than it was a year or two ago. You’ll need smart tactics to expand on Instagram, where the algorithm is always evolving and where competition among firms is fierce.

Using Pinterest is one method to increase your Instagram followers.

When compared to Instagram, where users may only include a bio link, Pinterest is superior as a referral traffic source due to its ability to embed links in each individual post.

Growing your Instagram following may be as simple as pinning your best photos to your profile on Pinterest.

Are you eager to go into action? Here are a couple Pinterest-based strategies for expanding your Instagram following.

Verify your Instagram account on Pinterest

Pinterest makes it simple to claim your Instagram account. That may be done in just an hour.

Choose Instagram from the list of “Claimed Accounts” in the Pinterest Settings menu.

After you’ve claimed your Instagram account, you’ll receive credit for any subsequent pins that originate from your account.

This implies that your Pinterest profile and a follow button will appear on pins containing content from your Instagram account, whether you publish it yourself or someone else does.
A user’s visit to your Instagram page in response to a click on your Pin. This attribution technique is very useful for gaining followers and likes on Instagram in the early stages of your presence there.

For as long as possible, you may increase your Instagram following and the amount of interaction with your posts if you verify your account and then start pinning your Instagram photos and videos to Pinterest.

If more people save your pins, it means more people will see your Pinterest updates and follow you on Instagram. More individuals who find your Instagram through Pinterest and who like what they see will follow you.

Create an Instagram post and promote it on Pinterest

The initial step after reclaiming your account should be to upload your content on Instagram, followed by a pin to Pinterest.

Just access Instagram from a computer and follow the on-screen instructions. Visit the Pinterest page for the item you want to pin and copy its Link. This Instagram address will serve as the webpage associated with this pin.

More people would interact with the pins if you came up with clever captions. The more people interact with your pin, the more traffic you’ll send to your Instagram profile.

If you want to optimise your Instagram post for Pinterest, you may do so by combining all the photographs in the post into a single graphic. A picture editing programme like Canva makes it easy to combine many images into one.

The nicest part about pinning photos from Instagram is that they won’t expire. Uploads to Pinterest continue to receive interaction months after they have been made, in contrast to Instagram, where exposure of postings decreases after a day. This means that the traffic from your popular Instagram pins will continue to come in for a very long time.

Create boards to organise your material

Just sharing your Instagram posts on Pinterest won’t be enough to increase your following on that platform.

In order to increase the frequency with which people engage with your material, you must optimise each pin you publish.

Organizing your pins into boards is a great way to get the most out of them.

Pinterest boards are curated collections of pins organised by a person or group of users around a common visual theme or fundamental topic. Pinterest boards should all relate to one another thematically. There may be a board dedicated to fall fashion, for instance, or a board dedicated to graphic design. Time allows you to develop both your existing boards and new ones with fresh material.

Choose simple, memorable names when constructing a board. If you feel it’s essential, you may also include keywords.

Use Search Engine Optimization on Pinterest

The visual search engine Pinterest. You’ll need search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your platform’s rankings in the same way that Google’s are needed to rank higher in a search.

When determining what to display in a user’s feed, Pinterest takes into account the keywords and phrases included in a pin’s description. The pin’s location on the board, as well as the title and description of that board, are also taken into account. When determining how material for the home page is ranked, Pinterest also considers keywords in the title page of the pin destination (for example, your Instagram post).

If you want more people to see your pins, you should use keywords.

Include keywords that your intended readers would use in their search, just like you would when writing blog posts or website copy that is optimised for search engines. There is a direct correlation between the number of keywords for which your pins rank and the amount of traffic they receive. To discover which keywords and trends are performing well in your niche, you may utilise either the “Trending on Pinterest” part of the search tab or an SEO tool.

The pin descriptions that you create should include keywords and relevant hashtags. They complement one another in driving more people to your Pinterest profile, boards, and individual pins. More people visiting your Pins and boards means more people clicking through to your Instagram profile.

Your keyword density is up to you and should not be limited. Pins with 5-10 keywords and 3-5 hashtags perform the best.