Make a Brand Strategy Document to Help Direct Your Instagram Ads

First, you should make a backup of your profile and familiarise yourself with your brand. This may sound ridiculous, but the truth is that few businesses actually maintain a consistent brand identity.

If your brand is consistent inside your organisation, it will come across consistently to your target audience. Branding is essential to a company’s success because it establishes credibility and loyalty among target consumers.

Here Are 10 Ways to Make Your Instagram Profile More Popular

1. Ensure that your bio gives the right impression of your company

Your bio serves as a sort of introduction. When someone is first learning about your company, you want to present the most positive (and truthful) image possible. You may guarantee this by maintaining coherence between your bio and your brand brief. Always use the same tone while representing your brand.

2. Give Thought to Your Profile Picture Selection

Whether you decide to use your company logo or another image for your profile, it’s important to ensure sure it’s the right size for Instagram. Profile pictures that are too small make your business seem unprofessional. Most of the most popular firms on Instagram, I’ve noticed, have their logos as their profile pictures. I think it’s a great idea since it aids in maintaining brand integrity.

3: Stay away from Hashtags in Your Biography

Your bio is not a Tweet that you have inadequately optimised by tacking on a lot of hashtags at the end. Avoid using Hashtags in your bio, as they cannot be clicked on. You can include a hashtag in your bio if you’d want others to use it when posting images of you, but your bio shouldn’t be treated like a Tweet. Kay Jewellers is a perfect illustration of how to use hashtags in your profile. Read this page for more information on using Instagram hashtags effectively.

4: Focus on Spreading One Hashtag

A call to action (CTA) should be as obvious as possible, just like on a landing page. A call-to-action can be as simple as asking users to add a hashtag when sharing photos. Select a single hashtag and push its use on your followers. Giving your followers a choice between many hashtags increases the likelihood that they will become confused and stop using all of them. Don’t lose your cool!

5: Facilitate Content Locatability

Use a hashtag instead of your Instagram account when asking users to tag photos. This allows users to see all images connected with a specific hashtag by just searching for it. If you ask your followers to just tag your handle in their photos, then just you and their other followers will be able to view them. In order to be found, make use of hashtags.

How Many People Did You Reach With That Instagram Link?

6. One major no-no before we get into metrics

don’t include a link in your bio; readers won’t be able to click it. Promote your site by displaying it in one of the available URL slots.

We can go on to discussing how we will keep score and evaluate our progress now that that is settled. I suggest utilising Google URL Builder to track the success of the links you post on your Instagram page. Please complete the required information to get a link that may be followed. The resulting link from Google will be rather lengthy. No one wants to see a lengthy link in their Instagram feed that includes tracking code. Use Bitly to shorten the URL, then brand it to match your company’s style. Simply copy and paste the shortened URL into Instagram.

7. Never Use the Same URL Twice

Why do Instagram users keep switching their connections around? For the simple reason that they serve as a link between the spiritual and the social. Changing your Instagram link frequently has several benefits, including the ability to direct your audience to a variety of different items, landing sites, etc. The news outlet is using the link to direct their audience to recently published content. Online retailers frequently modify the URL to better reflect the featured item. You may think of the link as a call to action (CTA) that leads to a return on investment.

8: Stop Saying “Official”

Use the phrase “official account” less often; it sounds fake. Since Instagram’s “verified” label makes it obvious that your account represents the real deal, there’s no need in using valuable real estate in your bio to stress this point. Anyone may pretend to be the official “Kim Kardashian” profile, but fans can quickly tell whether one is the real deal.

Placement of a Call-to-Action Button

Instagram allows users to choose specific locations when sharing photos. When posted, the location appears above the shared image and directly beneath your handle. Some businesses, like Carnival Cruises and Airbnb, would profit greatly from having a physical address listed, while others, like Everlane, couldn’t care less. They might use it as a call to action instead. Since it is possible to enter a place name manually without first checking its existence, businesses can utilise this area for advertising rather than a verification process.

10: Be careful with the photos you post online.

Your Instagram photos contribute to the overall brand experience. Don’t treat this authority flippantly. Your company’s reputation will improve with every photo posted and remark made public. Maintain a visual style that is in line with the brand brief. Starbucks does a fantastic job at extending its in-store experience on Instagram.