On August 5, 2020, Instagram introduced a brand new function. Not only had we seen nothing like this before, but it was identical to what TikTok has been doing for years. Instagram highlights videos are what I’m referring about. I couldn’t stop thinking about how Instagram was copying Snapchat with the introduction of the Story feature and then this when it was initially introduced. Instagram was set out to be a photography platform, but Reels have overtaken that focus in the past year. Everyone is competing to get their Reels listed on the Explore page now. When others have found success, you will too.

Everything you need to know about Instagram Reels and how to make them is included in this post. We also compared it to the popular video-making app TikTok so you can make up your mind about which one is best for you.

Instagram reels: what are they?

In Instagram, a “reel” is a vertical video that can be 15, 30, or 60 seconds long and can include audio. You may spice up your photos by using Instagram’s filters and other editing features. A reel is distinct from other video formats like stories or Instagram TV.

The Best Way to Publish My Demos?

It’s crucial to grasp the basics about sharing reels before diving into making your own. No longer do we just share photos in a square format. This was said earlier this year by Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri. Because of its video content, a reel has far greater promotional potential than simply being posted at various Instagram tabs. That’s why it’s important to master the art of Instagram sharing.

When you upload a reel to Instagram, you’re not just sharing it with your followers, but also with Instagram’s large and varied user base. Someone may choose to highlight your work on their Feed, Discovery, or Reels Explore. In addition, it will remain on your profile (unlike a story post, which will vanish after 24 hours).

How Do You Create a Reel?

We explained what Instagram Reels are and how to embed them on other platforms. However, the topic of creating Reels has yet to be discussed. Make one then!

Launch Instagram, then look for the square symbol with the + sign. When you choose it, a submenu will appear. Choose a Reel to create.
Pick a tune from Instagram’s extensive music catalogue. You may either record new sound on your phone and submit it, or utilise already recorded sound from a reel that you enjoyed. If the audio is your original audio and your account is public, other users who have viewed your Reel will be able to use it with proper credit.
The effects seen in Instagram’s galleries can also be applied. Instagram itself or other Instagram creators/users can make the effects.
Choose the Reel time that suits you. The duration of the selected audio can also be modified. In addition, the timer allows you to fire without holding the gun.
You may have your clips played at any speed you choose. By changing the speed, you may create slow-mo films or keep your audio recording on track.
You really need transitions. To provide a seamless transition between images, utilise the align function.

An Algorithm for Instagram

Consider an Instagram Reel that you’d like seeing. Do any of the images appear fuzzy, have watermarks, or appear to have been stolen? Or perhaps you’d rather a boring, unimportant story. Not one of them. Exactly! Instagram’s algorithm for highlighting videos in Reels works like this. Instagram’s AI highlights videos that are more likely to be:

  • Enjoyable to view
  • Fun Interesting Inspiring
  • Arresting one’s attention

Your reels will stand out more if you make use of the creative effects and tools, such as texts, that Instagram provides under the Reels creation tab, as well as if you utilise a sound from the Insta library or construct your own custom sound. (Bonus points if you can make your Reel follow the latest sound trend.)

Creative Instagram Videos

The moment has come to choose on the genre of media you wish to create. Listed below are some tried and true methods of increasing your uniqueness.

These days, short movies on cooking appear to be popular. You can discuss the best way to prepare an impressive meal. Take a photo or video at each stage of the process and then of the finished product. Each clip may be recorded independently on your phone, uploaded sequentially, and given accompanying audio. In addition, you may time them to the music.

Data Mining on Instagram

Examining your Reel’s findings is a great way to gauge its performance. A separate Business Account is not required. If you open your own reel and then click the three dots in the right bottom corner, you can see the Insights. There you have it.
When comparing Instagram Highlights to the Video Sharing App TikTok,
Nearly six years have passed since we first saw TikTok (then known as Musical.ly). Initially, it was a substitute for Vine aimed mostly towards a youthful demographic. Then it rebranded as TikTok, keeping the same basic structure, and quickly gained popularity. Initially, it was more of a dance and lip-syncing site, and its users tended to be younger. Everyone has already formed an opinion about the epidemic before it even began. People found it “cringeworthy” and decided against downloading it. It gained popularity as those under quarantine sought distraction from their boredom. TikTok is now widely available and used by individuals of all ages.