Instagram may have started off as a place to share images, but videos have become more vital to the platform’s thriving community.

Instagram videos are extremely popular, whether they are used for instruction, live discussion, or product promotion. It’s thus not unexpected to find content marketing strategies or content release calendars based entirely on video.

However, not every video is of the same quality.

To maximise the potential of Instagram’s video distribution mechanisms, your material should be tailored to the preferences of Instagram and your target demographic. The duration of your videos is a perfect example of this need.

Instagram provides a number of different ways to share and distribute video content, including the main feed, Stories, live broadcasts, and more.

Therefore, we have compiled this guide to explain how lengthy Instagram videos may be in an effort to save you time and effort. We’ll also give you some tips on how to maximise the time you spend watching such videos.

Instagram Videos in a Feed

Instagram stories may be between three seconds and one minute long.

In the Instagram Feed, time moves quickly as users scroll down to pause briefly at material that catches their eye before moving on. Videos posted to the main Feed must be short and to the point in order to be included.

Video feeds are posted to Instagram like any other photo or video. You may upload movies in portrait, landscape, or even square orientations, as well as include location information and tags.

If you already have a lengthier video shot, Instagram makes it easy to cut it down to a minute so you may share it.

Videos for Instagram Stories

Instagram’s Stories feature was a brilliant stroke of innovation. To maintain interest and foster daily interaction with your audience, this function is ideal for disseminating new and entertaining material.

You may share 15-second long tales on Instagram. You’ll need to cut your lengthy footage into many segments if you wish to share it.

The ability to personalise the Stories is maybe the greatest benefit they provide. You can always find something to give your Story cards some personality, whether you want to employ unique filters, the GIPHY gallery, or the ‘Swipe Up’ function.

Live Video from Instagram

Instagram videos that are broadcast in real time can be up to an hour long.

Big news requires a grand celebration. Live broadcasts are the most effective method of increasing interest in your material.

Instagram live videos may last up to an hour, during which time you can not only broadcast yourself live but also engage with viewers and answer their questions.

Videos on IGTV

Perhaps you’ve made movies detailing your own experiences breaking into the field. Or a video-based explanation that requires more than the 60 seconds allotted in a standard post. So, what do you do?

Actually, Instagram’s IGTV feature lets you share lengthier clips.

The duration restriction for these clips is set by the hosting service. Uploads to IGTV from a mobile device are limited to 15 minutes in length. However, MP4 files that are up to an hour long can be uploaded via the web on a desktop computer.

Instagram Highlights

The ability to share short videos on Instagram is a brand new addition to the app. Similarly to IGTV videos, reels have their own part on the explore page and your profile. However, you may also publish them on your Feed and Stories if you so want.

Reels allow you to fully express your imagination because they provide so many options for editing videos under 15 seconds. Some allow you to make smooth transitions, add audio and text effects, and decorate your videos with stickers and backdrops.

Video Ads on Instagram

At last, Instagram allows you to promote films in both the Feed and the Stories. However, the time requirements differ from those of standard jobs.

You may share movies as long as two minutes if you use sponsored Feed advertising. Like other forms of advertising, video completion rates drop off precipitously as running duration increases, so it’s often preferable to restrict movies to a manageable length to ensure viewers absorb your message.

Things grow more intricate when marketing using Stories. You can show up to three sponsored Story cards on the platform at once. After that, users will need to tap in order to continue reading.

Making Videos for Instagram

Is Instagram marketing for your branded content on your radar? New product announcements? Or maybe you just want to engage your audience more. You now realise that there is more than one way to go about making videos for Instagram.

Instagram is a great location to publish your professional content and reach a bigger audience thanks to features like Feed, IGTV, and promotional advertisements. Stories, live broadcasts, and Reels, on the other hand, let you make content that’s quick to consume, easy to modify to your tastes, and certain to elicit an emotional response and interaction from your followers.

Will Instagram videos be where you put your money? Don’t forget to fill us in on your adventures!