Platforms and platform tools are flooding the market, creating information overload for social media marketers. Can you really select the best Instagram Reel out of all the options available? With the help of several well-known brands as examples and some helpful hints, I’ll demonstrate how you can put Instagram Reels to work for your company.

Now, What Exactly Are Instagram Reels?

The Instagram Highlight Reel has developed. They have grown in length and feature set, with more advanced editing options than ever before. Reels, in contrast to Stories, stick around on Instagram until you remove them. To put it simply, reels are 90-second long vertical videos that fill the entire screen. They now include a variety of audio tracks, editing tools, and the most popular voices and sounds of the moment. You may customise your Reels in a wide variety of ways, including by adding text, stickers, and backdrops; adding numerous video clips; using various effects; and doing much more. It’s no secret that Reels have an advantage over TikToks posted on Instagram in terms of visibility.

What Businesses Can Learn From Instagram Highlight Reels

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has served as a fantastic venue for commercial endeavours. Now, after more than a decade, it provides even more value to both creators and viewers. It’s a fun and flexible platform for gaining new followers and showcasing your creativity.

Read on to see why utilising Reels will be beneficial to your company.

Recognition of a Named Brand

Promoting one’s brand is Reels’ major value. Now on Facebook, Stories and Reels appear at the very top of your Feed, further expanding the reach of the format.
If you want to see the next Reel, all you have to do is swipe up on Instagram. The algorithm, like those found on other popular sites, rapidly figures out what you enjoy and then displays more of it to you.

Reels are a great way to get your name out there. Every month, they are contacted by two billion people. In fact, Instagram is expected to reach 2.5 billion active users per month by 2023.

Attempt to make yourself more approachable

Instagram Reels are a fantastic way to exhibit your company’s artistic abilities. They also help people connect with your company on a deeper level. This is especially vital for businesses that risk being written off as stuffy, unimportant, or unapproachable due to their corporate associations.

Put your wares on the market

I’ve saved the best for last: selling your wares on Instagram. Many people’s buying habits have shifted as a result of the two years of lockdowns, which has led to a growth in online commerce. In fact, 67% of shoppers say they don’t do their usual thing anymore.
Instagram also has some fantastic tools for e-commerce:

Customers will be able to go through your collections and purchase items directly from your Shop.
You can make your store more unique by using collections to group goods into themed categories like “new arrivals,” “gifts,” and “seasonal.”
Companies and content makers may use “product tags” in Reels to promote their wares and boost sales through the use of engaging, snackable material. To start using Instagram Shopping, you’ll first need to apply for and go through the setup process. You may add up to 30 goods or collections to your reel when you’re in the making. Please be aware that at the present time, Reels that contain product tags cannot be Featured.
Product detail pages, often known as PDPs, provide every granular detail about an individual product in your catalogue, including but not limited to prices and descriptions. Similarly, when an Instagram user tags a product, relevant material is pulled and displayed on your site so that interested buyers may make a purchase.
Instagram now offers an in-app purchasing feature called “Checkout.” Currently, Checkout is only accessible for U.S.-based company and creative accounts.
Use Reels to generate excitement for upcoming collections by releasing behind-the-scenes looks and interviews with designers (à la IKEA).

Ideas You Can Use From the Reels

Need a spark of creativity? Instagram Reels may be made without a large financial investment or a dedicated art director. With a smartphone that meets minimum requirements, you can whip up successful Reels in no time.

Create vlogs documenting the production process

Backstage films are always well received, whether you’re promoting a new product, throwing a party, or just having a lighthearted Friday at work. Leave in any bloopers, outakes, or blunders; we dig the raw authenticity of behind-the-scenes footage.

Work along with key opinion leaders

Reels are a fantastic platform for showcasing your creative work, regardless of whether you decide to work with a micro or big influencer. Use Social Listening to find advocates for engaging user-generated content. Add some pzazz to your Reels by posting unboxings, how-tos, reveals, and demos of the products you’ve created.

Host a competition

There’s nothing like a contest or freebie to rev up the crowd. The value of the award need not be so high. It is more cost-effective to give away one’s own goods than to pay for the same amount in cash. This Reel is fantastic since it grabs the viewer’s attention and keeps it throughout while also providing essential information about the contest and how to participate. Be sure to plan ahead of time and describe everything thoroughly in your post.

Describe what happened to you

Doing some sort of new project with an organisation, getting a new designer on board, or releasing a new line of clothing? Use Instagram Reels to demonstrate your ability to tell a story. The perfect soundtrack, some well-placed on-screen text, and a few effects may do wonders for spreading the word.

Post a How-To Guide

Like the majority of Instagram users, I find that listening to and learning from the opinions of those in the know is invaluable. Give advice and suggestions based on your extensive knowledge and experience. The material should be divided into bite-sized lessons that focus on a specific problem. This simplifies the presentation and provides material for future Reels. Make sure your items are presented in the best possible light if you’re doing a lesson. Make it simple for people to locate and buy your goods by including a link or identifying the product by name.