They are the lifeblood of Instagram marketing, and if you aren’t capitalising on them, your business might be losing out on significant earnings.

Instagram’s interface makes it challenging to determine whether a given hashtag has been successfully utilised. The hashtag game may seem complicated at first, but we’re here to reassure you that it’s actually rather simple.

Hashtags on Instagram Not Showing Up? This is Why.

First, You’ve Been Put on Shadow Ban

Shadow banning, you inquire? Shadowbanning is when Instagram increase your post’s visibility because it believes the hashtags you’re using are offensive, prohibited, or otherwise improper.

This implies that your postings will only be seen by your current followers, making it far more challenging to attract a new audience.

You should also be wary of hashtags that are currently trending. Hashtag activity that Instagram finds to be spammy or suspicious will be shadowbanned. If you feel this way, taking a break from hashtags for a few days could help. Instagram is another option for reporting the problem.

You Can’t Use Hashtags That Mean Anything

Using hashtags that are more relevant to beverages, for example, will make it difficult for those user interested in your material.

There are a lot of fashionable, popular hashtags that everyone wants to use, but they won’t do you any good if they aren’t relevant to your posts. Make sure they make perfect sense in the context of what you’re writing.

Thirdly, you’re making use of banned hashtags.

We touched on this briefly while discussing shadowbanning. Instagram, in all honesty, does keep tabs on these sorts of things, and if it ever decides that a certain hashtag has grown too popular or improper, it will be removed. It’s impossible to tell which hashtags have been blocked and which haven’t, which might be a major reason why your posts aren’t receiving many views.

The fourth problem is that you always use the same hashtags.

Instagrammers have taken to saving a list of their favourite hashtags in their phone’s notes, from which they can be easily copied and pasted into the app’s caption or comments area whenever they post new material.

This is because Instagram may decide to shadowban your account if they perceive suspicious patterns of interaction and/or development. You should use up to fifty profile-specific hashtags and then split them into three or four sets to rotate.

You’re Using Way Too Many Hashtags

Since Instagram’s inception, many of its users have found that broader hashtags are the best way to get their posts seen by more people. However, your material runs the danger of being lost in the shuffle if you use overly general hashtags.

There will be increased attention among postings that use the same hashtag. As we mentioned previously, it’s important to be as detailed as possible when using hashtags. This way, even if you don’t reach as many people, you’ll reach the individuals who are most likely to be interested in what you have to say.

You’re Using Too Many Competing Hashtags

Using hashtags that are too competitive will have the same effect as using hashtags that are too broad. Keep in mind that if a hashtag already has a million posts, it will be quite challenging to get people click on your page since it will seem like one of a million others.

Find less-used hashtags to use instead. Although it seems counterproductive, this will actually expand your audience.

You have the wrong amount of hashtags

While it’s nearly hard to determine the ideal number of hashtags to employ, we do advise keeping things somewhat modest, since less is more when it comes to Instagram.

Technical Concerns

If you aren’t experiencing any of the other concerns listed above, it’s possible that you’re having technical difficulties. In this instance, you should double-check your hashtag list for typos and other errors in formatting and language.

If you use hashtags incorrectly, your intended audience won’t be able to locate you unless you catch the typo and change it. However, Instagram’s penchant for frequent algorithm updates means that the failure of your hashtags may not always be under your control.

You’re Not Utilising a Hashtracking

Companies like Task Ant provide services like searching for hashtags and gaining unique insights on such topics. Find out if the hashtags you love to use are helping or hurting your progress.

Concluding Remarks

It’s a jungle out there for hashtags and Instagram stars. Don’t get us wrong; we still think it’s a fantastic venue for spreading word about your business and building a devoted fan base.

But you have to put in a lot of time and effort and learn everything there is to know about hashtags in order to succeed. You may improve your chances of hashtag success by increasing your awareness of the ways in which it could go wrong.

If you want the highest chance of discovering the optimal hashtag approach, you should use a third-party tool like Task Ant.