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Instagram is a popular brand-building platform for all small business sites. Growing tons of followers can take longer and be time-consuming. The following tips will help you to build your business and get more followers quickly.    

1. Post quality content to your audience

Instagram has almost 400 million active users. You need to find a path to get your account to stand out from the crowd. Create content with images, videos, charts, and infographics to better understand your content. Analyze your competitor’s page to know the content strategy and trending topics in your niche. Try to create similar content for your account to reach more followers on Instagram.

2. Hashtag

Hashtags play a vital role in Instagram growth to increase your organic traffic and search visibility. You should identify the trending hashtags on Instagram which are related to your niche. Go to the explore page and type your target keyword in the search bar, it will show a list of popular hashtags with several tags for each hashtag. You could use those hashtags for your post to reach new visitors to your account. When you use your branded hashtags in your post, you have more chances to reach potential customers.

3. Add Your Bio

Instagram bio is the only place to add links for your other platforms. You could also add branded hashtags in your bio. When you add your website link in your Instagram bio, you can obtain more guest posts backlinks to your website. You should add your brand name as an account name and category name to attract potential customers. Provide your contact details and description in the bio itself.

4. Steal Followers

If you want to grow your Instagram business, you need to attract your competitors’ followers. Stealing followers is a great strategy in Instagram hacks because they are already following accounts related to your niche. Instead of just following users, you could like their pictures and leave a comment for their posts. They will automatically follow your account. You could identify the popular sites related to your niche and request their followers. This strategy will work very fast for your website.

5. Post Often And Consistently

The most effective way of growing followers on Instagram is to post regularly on your account. Most of the popular Instagram accounts post two to three times per day. Some of the small business accounts post at least once a day. You should know your audience’s interest and engagement time to post your content on Instagram. Consistent posts will increase your follower’s rate very fast. When you post regularly, the audience will remember your brand forever.

6. Call To Action

You should add a strong call to action for all your posts.  The popular call to action on Instagram is for asking fans to double-tap or tag a friend in the comment section. You could also redirect your followers to sign up for your email or buy your products. Adding a call to action is a gentle reminder to your followers to take action on your content instead of just looking at your post. A call to action will increase your engagement rate and followers.

7. Instagram Shout-Outs

An Instagram shout-out is nothing but a user mentioning your page in one of their post captions.  One of the quickest and most efficient ways to increase your follower’s count is Instagram shout-outs. It will display your page in front of millions of new users that you do not have access to. Before performing shout-outs, you need to find the most active Instagram profile in your niche. You should notice the number of likes and comments their posts receive. Once you find the right account for shout-outs, contact them to know their interest and charges for shout-outs.

8. Schedule Your Post

Scheduling is important to growing your business account to maintain your post consistency. You could schedule posts daily to attract new users to your account. You don’t need to spend time posting, you just schedule your posting time with pictures and videos on Instagram.


Instagram is more useful for branding and promotions of your business. Competitions are also increasing faster on Instagram. So, you should concentrate on your Instagram growth sincerely. Using the above-mentioned tips, you can get more followers on your account.