The question is, how can you nail the bio to make it stand out and raise your status on Instagram. There are 3 noteworthy topics that you may focus on if you want to enhance your Instagram bio.

Fancy Fonts

Let’s start with gorgeous typefaces. Instagram includes a basic typeface that you may see utilised throughout the site among various Instagram pages.

The default font is quite bland and scarcely helps one write an exceptional Instagram bio. From an aesthetic point of view, a custom typeface gives that extra flair your bio is missing. That can be catchy.

As Instagram does not have a built-in custom font tool, you will require a third-party solution. Glyphy is a wonderful example of a programme that enables you write a bio copy and watch how it turns out live.

Catchy Copy

Copywriting is one of the toughest components of developing an amazing bio. The task of genuinely knowing an audience and creating a technique that works in a few words is no simple achievement.

150 characters are around 2 lines of text. And if you want to put emoticons, pertinent hashtags, and other features, you have even less area to use.

Try to focus on telling a tale. Describe what your brand does. For instance, if you are a book reviewer, your copy may include terms like “a book enthusiast” or “book enjoyer.”

Traveling is another particular example. “Discoverer of intriguing locations” or “sharer of travelling tips” might be placed in the profile. Instead, the language should be one that an audience feels relevant.

Curated Visuals

Curated visuals, also known as curated aesthetics, are a technique Instagram pages employ to create a theme and make the Instagram profile backdrop stand out.

Instagram is regarded as a social networking platform that concentrates on pictures, so it is no surprise to see such an emphasis on curated visuals, even if they need more work to keep up the general theme.

For example, if an Instagram page praises national parks, its focus is generally on the lush woods, foliage, or pristine snow. Photos shot during a certain season can be utilised throughout the corresponding cycle. And once the season changes, the material may then alter as well to mirror what is happening outdoors.

It is also worth mentioning that curated images give a fantastic chance to stimulate user-generated material. Your followers might be part of the selected visual production. You can share images shot by your followers so long as these photos match nicely with the main theme.


All in all, if you are trying to nail your Instagram bio and develop a more solid presence on the site, the three strategies described in this post should provide you a great basis.

Note that even when you build your Instagram bio and put it public, there is always potential for changes. Keep an eye on the trends and make modifications when required.

Lastly, do not be scared to test various ideas no matter how large or tiny they are. A modification here and there can make a good influence. And if it does not work, you may go back to the prior arrangement.