Are you having trouble getting more people to notice your brand? Do you wish to increase the number of people who adore your product?

If so, you may use Instagram advertisements as a covert strategy.

More people use Facebook every month than use Twitter or Snapchat combined, therefore it’s likely that your ideal consumer is on the site right this second.

Some Instagram data that entrepreneurs shouldn’t overlook:

  • Over two-thirds of Instagrammers have acted on a product discovery by buying it.
  • At least one corporate account is followed by 80% of users.
  • Mobile purchases from Instagram users are 70% more than the average.
  • Sixty percent of Instagram users say they find new brands there.

So, what does this entail? Instagram is the best location to put money into advertising since its users are likely to make a purchase.

Don’t know where to begin? Today’s blog article has you covered.

Here’s how you use Instagram’s robust advertising platform to get more revenue.

Is it worth it to put money into Instagram marketing for your company?
Forrester Research found that brand engagement on Instagram was 58% higher than on Facebook and 120% higher than on Twitter.

In addition, 30% of Instagrammers have actually *purchased* something they saw on the app.
Instagram has introduced shoppable posts to a limited number of countries.

The user just taps on the image, chooses the product, and makes the purchase without leaving the app.

Take a look at how Marc Jacobs incorporates their wares into their Instagram feed!

The convenience of shopping online is unparalleled.

Increased conversion rates can be attributed to the improved user experience brought about by streamlining the shopping process for customers.

For Instagram, which ad format is best to use?

You may pick between photo advertisements, carousel ads, slideshow ads, or video ads while advertising on Instagram.

Let’s investigate them one by one.

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram marketing: a first for you? Create a basic picture ad first.

It’s simple to set up, and it works really well if you utilise eye-catching images to sell your product or service (in fact, after extensive A/B testing, I’ve found that photo ads convert the best for me).
Advertise on Instagram by showcasing your product in action and by reusing user-generated material.

Carousel advertising on Instagram

The carousel ad is a great option if you want to display a number of related images, graphics, or statements. It features a website CTA button and allows users to slide to view further photos.

If you want to show off a product’s versatility, the carousel ad format is perfect for you.

If you own a restaurant, for instance, you might highlight the menu items that customers can look forward to while also providing a call to action that leads them to the “Make a Reservation” page.

Video Ads On Instagram

Selling a product or service requires more than just a good picture sometimes.

You may do this with either a 60-second video ad in the Instagram feed or a 15-second video ad in the Instagram Story format.

If you go with this format, though, you need a killer intro to keep viewers from skipping the whole thing.

You’ll also need to put in some effort to design an ad that sticks out on Instagram and create an interesting or useful video that people will want to watch. Visuals, animations, and graphics that are always changing.

Advertising for Instagram Slideshow

Instagram’s picture slideshow advertising are a terrific substitute for the video commercials.

If your company lacks the manpower or funds to produce video content, slide show commercials are a great alternative.

Instead, “lightweight” video advertisements can be made from a collection of still images. This is a simple method for repurposing materials already in your possession to pique the interest of your intended audience.

Here’s how some popular companies are making Instagram advertisements work for them.
Now that you know how Instagram advertisements work and what kinds you may use, you can see what kind of returns you can expect to get from the service. In other words, #ShowMeTheMoney.

Overwhelmingly Instagram-Driven Sales

Are you considering opening an online store this year?

Here’s how you can utilise Instagram advertisements to get your company off to a good (profitable) start.

Joanna Cariello launched her own company, Loja Nama, selling 3D-printed goods in August of 2016.

She started the company on Instagram and utilised advertising featuring her aesthetically attractive items to attract customers.

Instagram Ads That Bring Back Lost Prospects

Is consumer cart abandonment a problem for you? Advertise on Instagram to reach back out to past buyers.

The advertising campaign used by Vitaly benefited greatly from this approach. They were able to post dynamic advertising in people’s feeds once they showed interest in a product by utilising the Facebook pixel to track their behaviour.

In what way? This advertising campaign yielded a return of 3,900%. (That works out to a return of $3.90 for every $1 they spent into their advertising budget. That’s a very uncommon recurrence in 2019.

Take advantage of your preexisting viewership on other channels

Have you put forth significant effort into expanding your online following via email or social media? All that work may be put to use in Instagram Ads by creating a “lookalike” audience to reach users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

The flower delivery firm Bloom & Wild implemented this tactic by integrating an email list into the Facebook Ads Power Editor.

With a modest advertising budget, they were able to test out different combinations of photos, videos, and text to see what received the most clicks.

The most important thing to remember from this case study is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to figure out what Instagram users in your target demographic like.