No one should tell you that it’s too late to join Instagram’s community of 120,7 million users or to start attracting attention to your profile if you already have one. It’s never too late to get started with the app as long as people are paying attention to it.

You’ll just have to monitor a different set of data than the folks who amassed millions of followers in Instagram’s early years. Instagram has made it simple to keep tabs on that, so you’re in luck.

Advertisements on Instagram generate money for the company. The more successful their advertising profiles (impressions, engagement, conversions) are on the app, the more money they are willing to invest. Because of this, Instagram has included comprehensive analytics in its “Insights” section of company profiles.
Now that you know where to go, let’s delve into the 5 most crucial indicators for monitoring your Instagram development.

Number of Followers

Well, duh, of course. First, though, we’ll discuss why keeping tabs on your Instagram followers is essential to your profile’s success. The most important point is that you have to have a place to begin. The second is that you must have a goal in mind. That’s where a great digital marketing plan starts and ends.


Instagram’s impressions are useful since they show how many times each of your posts has been seen. Impressions are great because they tell you how many people viewed your content, even if they didn’t connect with it, which is information that metrics like engagement don’t provide.

These individuals are just entering the Customer Value Journey, at the Awareness stage. At this point, prospects are familiar with your company but may not have engaged with you directly. They’re merely curious and aren’t actively engaging with you by like or commenting on your posts or sending you direct messages.

Instagram impressions are a vital measure to monitor as they reveal the total number of individuals exposed to your posts. If this figure goes up, it means your efforts are paying off. If it goes down, you may have specialised your postings too much.


The amount of exposure your Instagram account receives is measured in terms of the total number of individual accounts. Even if someone sees your profile ten times, this number will only increase by one, therefore it won’t be as high as your impressions.

You may compare this number to the unique visits to your website to get an idea of how many people are interested in your profile. The more people who see your profile, the more familiar your brand will become to those people. Follow-up interactions like like, commenting, sharing, saving, and direct messaging are all ways to move people into Stage 2 of the Customer Value Journey and increase your chances of converting them into paying customers.


Increasing your engagement rate is a crucial part of any Instagram marketing plan, as it signals to Instagram’s algorithm that your material is relevant and interesting to its users. If you have a million followers but no one ever likes your posts, the algorithm will not prioritise your material for either the Discover Page or your followers’ feeds.

You want your Instagram engagement to increase in tandem with your growing fan base. Enthusiasm is:

Likes Comments Saves DMs

These are crucial to the algorithm, but they also have real-world significance. The number of likes and comments your material receives might be a good indicator of its popularity. The greater the number of people who like your article, the more likely it is that you will be able to influence someone to go from the CVJ’s Awareness stage to the Engage stage.

Your audience’s level of involvement is another important metric for determining the success of your material. Getting 100 likes on one post and 500 likes on another indicates that you’re onto something. You should monitor the number of likes and comments each post receives to determine which ones are the most popular.

Views on an Instagram Story

Views on your Instagram stories are the last and, perhaps, most crucial measure you can use to monitor your success. Your story’s views will be lower than your total number of followers and will likely fluctuate around the level of interaction with each post you make (likes, comments, and shares combined).

How many people viewed your Instagram story over the course of 24 hours is indicated below. They’re a crucial indicator of how long people will remember your profile. People are interested in what you’re producing if they’re tuning in to see your story.
In addition to the total number of people that viewed your Instagram story, you may examine other data, such as the total number of:

  • Consequences of your narrative
  • Celebrity sightings
  • Reach Impressions
  • Follows Navigation
  • There’s been a turnabout on your narrative.
  • The continuation of your story’s momentum
  • Those who go on to the next article
  • They’re leaving your tale

Swiping up from the bottom of the screen while your narrative is playing (from your profile) will reveal all of these statistics for you. To gauge the success of your material, you can check to see how many viewers have continued to watch your tales. Your followers aren’t engaged in the stuff you put out if you observe a large number of them leaving your story. I would like you to try again.