6 Mind Blowing Ideas To Grow Your Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a highly targeted social media channel with more than 1 million monthly users and 700 million users every day. Instagram offers many great opportunities for brands to build a loyal audience and enhance your business on the platform. Instagram is a visual media platform the more creative your content, the more audience you receive to your profile. In this post, we will share how to use Instagram to increase user engagement and grow a massive audience. 

Idea 1: Experiment With IGTV

IGTV is a new feature that was introduced by Instagram on June 20, 2018. It can be viewed on Instagram or a standalone android app. Nowadays, brands are choosing IGTV videos to promote their brand. Research says long from videos get more engagement than short videos for business. Also, Instagram TV helps you to connect with your followers for a long time. Create series videos and upload them to your channel to get more likes and views. If you want to boost your video views instantly, buy Instagram IGTV views and see the excellent result within a short time. 

Idea 2: Use The Right Instagram Hashtags

If you want to engage your current followers and get more new followers to your account, use the right hashtags to attract them. Adding hashtags helps people to find your content easily when searching for specific terms. Use a trending hashtag in your post. It will help you to reach a massive audience and give new followers to your Instagram account. There are many online tools available to find the best hashtag for your post. Some of the tools like IconoSquare and website. Additionally, add a hashtag in your stories, or you can use hashtag stickers to boost your content. 

Idea 3: Post At The Right Times

To reach your target audience, you need to post at the best time when your audience is most active on Instagram. It is the best way to attract your potential audience to your Instagram account. Track the Instagram analytics to see which is the best time to post and gain more audience. Always maintain the same posting time to extend your content reach to a wider audience. Post 3 times every day to get a better result for your business. 

Idea 4: Look At Your Competitors Followers

One of the best ways to find new followers is by checking your competitors’ followers and engaging with them. Remember your competitor’s followers are also your target audience. To steal your competitor’s followers, follow a user, like a photo, and comment on their photos. These strategies will help you to get more audience to your Instagram account. Also, collaborating with influencers makes your brand reach a wider audience and allows you to receive more likes and views for your content. 

Idea 5: Use Instagram Reels

Reels allows you to upload 15 second short videos with your favorite music. Reels are similar to TikTok, and many marketers are selecting reels to promote their business to a higher level. 

In reels, share behind the scene videos to attract your audience, and it will help you get more reels like and views. If you  buy Instagram reels likes you will get high-quality likes instantly to your profile. Create tutorials and how-to videos to educate your audience about your brand and services. 

Idea 6: Hop On Trend For More Followers

Creating trending content on Instagram helps you to increase your content visibility to a massive audience. In any social media network, people like to watch popular content to know what’s happening on the platform. Also, post content and giveaways to encourage your followers to connect with you and your brand. If you create popular content, it will go viral on the platform. Follow the above ideas to gain more followers to your Instagram account.

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