Even though the short-form video format has been around for a while (at least since Vine appeared on the social media landscape in the early 2010s), it is now the most popular and widely used. After lying dormant for over two years following Vine’s untimely demise, the app made a spectacular comeback when TikTok unexpectedly became the social media platform of choice, first among Generation Z and then among everyone else.

After gaining a large number of subscribers during the 2020 lockdowns and successfully avoiding many government bans, TikTok is now facing competition from other major social media platforms. And no one is more influential than Facebook, with its enormous Instagram photo and video sharing platform.

With Instagram Reels, the social media platform introduced “a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram” in August of 2020. The site now provides a suite of varied creative tools that allow users to edit together 15-second films with individualised music, text, and effects. A new section of Explore allows users to share their demo reels with the world, giving content creators everywhere a shot at the viral success they crave.

How do Instagram Reels videos vary from those on TikTok?

Since they both offer similar functionality—namely, the ability to record, edit, and share videos—it seems natural to evaluate the two side by side.

Instagram Reels have a 15-second time limit, but TikToks can be up to one minute long, and there are also subtler variances in regards to music licencing and sound sync. We won’t go into detail, but there’s also the looming debate over TikTok and the “will they, won’t they” discussion around its prospective ban in the US, all of which have the potential to catapult Instagram Reels into the limelight.

However, the most important difference is… While Instagram Reels is a new addition to the platform, TikTok stands on its own. Will the integration with the core features be enough to win over the die-hard TikTokers? Time will tell, but it’s a huge positive for the platform controlled by Facebook.

Isn’t it true that we already have “Stories”?

Both Stories and Reels can be utilised independently or in combination. Actually, you may publish your Reels to Stories and your feed. With Reels, though, you can also publish them to Explore and have them seen by people all over the world. Reels also has superior editing features, such as variable speed settings and filters, several transitions, and a wide selection of effects. Stories are still fantastic for recording the particulars of everyday life, but Reels are where you can truly let your imagination run wild.
And how exactly can I use Instagram Reels to work for me?

First, let’s examine the advantages of Instagram Reels:

  • This is a completely new item. Even if the format has been around for a while, Instagram Reels is a novel enough feature to pique people’s interest. As with any social media trend, those that adopt Instagram Reels early will see the most success with the feature.
  • It attracts a following. With the rising popularity of short-form content, Reels has a great opportunity to forge fruitful partnerships with filmmakers. Users are very responsive to material that is less than ten minutes long, often responding with likes, comments, shares, and even videos shot in the same style.
  • It stimulates the imagination. Reels is a fantastic laboratory for creators, with all of its incredible creative tools allowing them to explore and go wild.
  • Potential fans and admirers will see you as a result. Over half of all Instagram accounts visit the Explore tab to look for new content to like. Your content’s discoverability will explode because to Reels’ emphasis on Explore. And because Instagram tailors its users’ video recommendations to their individual tastes, your videos will start popping up in the feeds of people who have previously shown an interest in your industry.

How can I come up with so much material on my own?

The good news is that this is not something you need to do. Mastering your trade and building an audience on social media is a full-time job in and of itself. There are literally thousands of talented artists available who can become your reliable allies and provide vast quantities of material for your social media accounts. Insense, a tool that streamlines collaboration at any level with creators, makes it simple to get in touch with them. A network of more than 35,000 tested artists and influencers generating high-quality content in a variety of forms, including (but not limited to) Instagram Reels, is at your fingertips with just a few clicks. Whenever a new social media feature rolls out, you can count on Insense artists to be among the first to use it. Visit our website to learn how our network of social media professionals can revolutionise your company’s digital advertising.